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digital photography

The final step to launch your finished products to the world is high quality imagery. We can offer a variety of image styles to suit your business or website and we can even offer aerial photography and video with the use of drone technology. See below for examples of what we offer:


We can offer photography services either in person or at our own premises. We can accept products by mail if you're unable to make it to us or are located elsewhere. 

We specialise in product photography for eCommerce stores where clear images equal sales.

Aerial imagery

Take your business to the sky with aerial photography and video. Whether it's highlighting a product outdoors or showcasing your business premises we can product stunning high resolution images.


Taking your own photos? Send them to us and we will take care of the editing for you. We can generally improve most photos with simple editing and if preferred remove the backgrounds for clear effective images. We can also add watermarks to protect your professional images.


the process

Digital Photography can be performed in a number of ways depending on what is being captured and for what purpose. If you are preparing products to sell and just need high quality imagery this can be done on site in the Greater Sydney area or we can accept products remotely if freight is possible. Depending on the number and type of products we can have completed images ready within 24-48 hours after the initial photography.


For site or aerial photography it may be necessary to scout the area and plan shooting in advance. For certain regions we may need to obtain government approval prior to shooting. After the photography is complete and depending on the amount of post production required we can have completed images ready within 24-48 hours.

Images in some cases can be emailed or we can host the files on a temporary server for download depending on the file size. Otherwise we can arrange a USB flash drive with your images.


For more questions regarding the processes or timeframes please contact us below. 



Pricing varies on many different variables but a rough guide is provided below:

  • 5 studio photos of small to medium sized object on a plain white backgroun: From $10 per product.

  • 5 aerial photos of a product or premises: From $150

Pricing excludes any travelling or preparation materials that might be required. Aerial photography may be subject to council approval and additional costs. For a more detailed quote please contact us below.

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