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3D Modelling

Certain manufacturing processes such as CNC Machining cannot accept meshes or 2D drawings for production. In these scenarios a solid 3D Model will be required. We can produce models both from 3D Scans or from scratch with even a basic hand drawn image. Below are a few examples of manufacturing techniques that can benefit from CAD Modelling:

CNC Machining

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control and is used for machining solid metal materials to specific three dimensional shapes using computer driven software. An accurate 3D model is required for this process as CNC Machines are millimetre accurate.

computer simulation

Certain software, just like CNC Machining, cannot use a mesh-type file that is produced from 3D Scanning. Types of uses for Computer Simulations include fluid dynamics (including aerodynamics) and material stress testing. 

machine cutting

Various cutting techniques are available, such as Laser, Water-Jet or Plasma cutting, to create flat profile objects accurately and in bulk. Certain machines are also able to do bending, so a three dimensional product is also possible without the complication of CNC.

3D Design

Certain 3D applications need solid models. This ranges from Video Games to Digital Architecture. A solid model can easily be placed in a virtual space where sometimes a mesh cannot. 



Solid 3D models are able to be made from scratch using simple 2D drawings with measurements, or by building upon a 3D Scan of an object. Depending on the complexity of the object this can be done very quickly at little cost. Due to the nature of 3D modelling the object can be produced in any scale, whether it be an exact 1:1 replica or a small representation of the final product that is used for printing or machining prototypes.

Solid 3D Models can be delivered in a variety of ways, for example:

3D Image

Whether it be a photo realistic render or a simple wire frame orthogonal diagram, we can offer you several options on how your model can be displayed.

2d blueprint

In certain circumstances you may need to provide accurate, annotated blueprints to manufacturers who produce products by hand. We are able to build a 3D model and then display it as a flat image showing multiple angles of your product with dimensions.

solid model or cut file

If you're looking to have your product manufactured using computer controlled machinery this is easily achievable after the model has been created. These files are suitable for 3D Printed, CNC Machining or Laser Cutting to name a few.


The process

Similar to 3D Rendering, the process for 3D Modelling will depend from project to project but the majority of jobs can be organised very easily. If you're starting with a 3D Scanned object that we have completed the 3D Modelling process can begin immediately. The processing times for 3D Modelling however are much shorter than 3D Rendering as it doesn't need to process detailed images, rather it is simple outputting a file.

If a 3D Modelling project is being started from scratch we will need as much information as possible to start from. This can be as simple as a photograph of the object with simple handwritten dimensions, or it can be with professional drafting images and blueprints. 


Starting with an existing 3D Scan which is just being converted to a solid 3D Model a completed file can be available within 24-48 hours. After the Modelling and file export is complete we can in some cases email the files or we can host the files on a temporary server for download depending on the file size. Otherwise we can arrange a USB flash drive with your files.

Please contact us below for a more accurate timeframe for you project or if you have any other questions about the process.


Pricing varies on many different variables but a rough guide is provided below:

  • Object with basic detail and geometry created from 2D drawing or 3D scan: From $50

  • Highly detailed with complex geometry, for example a small engine cylinder head or valve cover, created from 2D drawing or 3D scan: From $300

  • File type, whether it be a 3D diagram or a laser cutting template, does not affect the cost.

For a more detailed quote please contact us below.

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