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Using a powerful Artec 3D Scanner we can bring your physical objects into a digital workspace. Details as small as 1mm can be captured with stunning detail and objects of almost any size can be scanned from tennis balls to entire cars. 3D Scanning has many uses, some of which are outlined below. Contact us for more information.

3D Printing

A simple use for 3D scanning is 3D printing. Replicate a physical object into an easily reproduced object for many uses. By scanning the object first you can then make changes digitally before printing, such as adjusting scale or adding and removing features. 


Handmade prototype products can be scanned and manipulated digitally to either further development, send for analysis or move to production. This is especially useful when the final product will be made with exotic materials as you can minimise costs with wastage during initial development.


With today's technology advance computational testing can be performed in a variety of ways, so long as the product is able to be imported digitally. By scanning an object it can be sent remotely for testing and analysis. An example would be performance aerodynamic analysis on motorsport vehicles before manufacturing body parts.

3D Rendering

3D Rendering with today's technology can produce incredibly lifelike images. However it is often difficult and time consuming to add objects to your 3D environment. 3D Scanning can bring an object into your workspace very quickly. Some uses for 3D objects may include interior design or video games. 

product design

Often it isn't the product itself that requires scanning; in certain situations it is something a product will be fitted to that needs to be captured. By scanning an object you can then send this data elsewhere for product development. A perfect example is scanning a vehicle to have parts made such as exhaust and intake systems.


Sometimes there isn't a professional use for 3D Scanning, but you can have some fun with it. Have a special momento you don't want to lose? Scan it and save it digitally and you will never be without it.



3D Scanning is very easy to initiate with minimal preparation required. If the object is a rough or matte finish with lots of unique features it is possible to start scanning with no prep-work at all. If objects are bland, reflective or transparent it may be necessary to add product to the object in order to give the scanner a better chance of capturing the surface. An object can be scanned many times until all details and features are captured.


After scanning is complete, the data will then be processed on a computer. Multiple scans will be then aligned and unnecessary features and artifacts will be erased. Once all scans are clean and in position they will be merged to create a final mesh ready for exporting. Depending on the application we can then add a texture to the mesh using images from the initial scans.

After the 3D scanning process has been completed you can choose multiple options to receive or modify your scan data:

Raw Mesh

The initial file created by our 3D Scanner is an outer mesh, which is essentially a hollow shell of your product. Depending on the size of the object this mesh can be made up of millions of polygons. We are able to export this mesh in the full resolution or reduce the amount of polygons to suit your requirements. This mesh can be passed on to another developer for further processing or it can be 3D printed.

If a texture is required we can apply that after the mesh creation and include it with the exported mesh files.

The mesh can be exported in several file types including STL, OBJ and more.

solid model

For certain applications a 3D mesh will not be suitable. For example, CNC machining requires a different type of file which contains a solid object rather than a shell. A 3D mesh can not be simply converted to a solid but this can be done afterwards with additional processing in other software.


Depending on your product we can perform this task at an affordable cost. See the "3D Modelling" page of our site for more information.

3D render

3D Meshes and Objects are usually bland and flat in appearance and are usually not suitable for advertising purposes. 3D Scans can be imported into other software however to product realistic images which not only look great but also help with visualising the final product before production. We offer 3D Rendering services, see the "3D Rendering" page of our site for more information.


the PRocess

3D Scanning can be performed on location or remotely. We service the Greater Sydney area for on site scanning services but we do accept mail-in items for scanning where freight is possible.

Scanning times will depend on the shape and size of the object and complexity of the surface. In some cases a small object can be completely scanned in as little as 30 minutes if no preparation is necessary. Larger items, such a car body shell, may take a full day as some smooth surfaces need to have materials applied to the surface to assist in tracking and multiple scans and angles will be needed to capture the full object.

After scanning, post-processing begins and on average is a far more tedious and long process depending on the object. It is possible to achieve a finished, processed scan in a matter of an hour or two but this depends widely on a number of variables.

Depending on the desired outcome, we can perform object scanning, post-procession and provide a fully finished scan file for you in as little as 24-48 hours. However for a more accurate timeframe for your project please contact us.


Pricing varies on many different variables but a rough guide is provided below:

  • Small object with basic detail and geometry, for example a box or container: From $150

  • Small object, highly detailed with complex geometry, for example a small engine cylinder head or valve cover: From $300

  • Large object with basic detail, for example a boat hull: From $800

  • Large, detailed object such as a motorbike or car: From $1500

Pricing excludes any travelling or preparation materials that might be required. For a more detailed quote please contact us below.


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