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3D Rendering

3D Scanning is just the start of what is possible. After the 3D Scanning process has finished the final file does not feature any surface materials or textures and does not offer any photo-realistic images that may be necessary for marketing or project presentations. Digital Timage can assist with creating a beautiful 3D Render of your 3D Scan or even create 3D Renders or other objects from scratch.

See below for some examples of what 3D Renders can be used for:


Is the final product you are creating going to be made from Aluminium or Wood? Ceramic or Glass? A flat grey 3D Model may not give a true indication of how a product will look in person. We can produce stunning 3D Renders with appropriate materials to show you a glimpse of what your final product can look like.


Sometimes you don't have the time or resources to produce and photograph each available option for your product. With the latest 3D Software we can produce stunning photo-realistic images to advertise your full range of products.


Architectual-Visualisation is a popular new way of advertising homes or planning renovations. What to see what your kitchen will look like with gloss black cabinets with brass hardware? Or how a new couch will fit in your lounge room? We can provide you an image of how the final result may look before starting any work or purchasing any furniture.


Sometimes looking at a blueprint doesn't translate perfectly to how the final product will look. For example, if you are looking to migrate warehouses and you are planning on adding pallet racking you can't always visualise the available space from a 2D drawing. Creating a 3D Render allows you to plan accurately without wasting time and money on rearranging resources on site.

Vase Render 2.png


Rendering can be a relatively straight forward process depending on what object we start with. If an object has been 3D Scanned by us we are able to simplify render that object and return high quality results. However there often additional processes required to improve the final render:

  • Textures/Materials - In order for the object in the render to appear realistic the 3D Rendering software needs to have accurate and high quality material data. If the scan is successful it is possible to use that texture in the render, but it may be necessary to create this from scratch

  • Environments - Sometimes a plain white background isn't the most attractive way to sell your product. We can build a background or environment for your object to sit in to provide a complete image for your customer.

  • Additional Surface Features - If the object is particularly intricate surface detail it may not be scanned properly. In these situations we are often able to add these manually after the scanning process to improve the render.

A 3D Render can be delivered in a variety of ways, some examples are provided below:

HD Images

Because we are not limited to cameras we can provide images in almost any size and resolution. The final images can be exported in a variety of file formats for use in both digital and printed media.

3D Animation

A static image may not get across the full scale of your product or project. A 3D Animation showing details or assembly of an object can show either how simple or how complex your product is and convey to potential clients the full value of what you're offering. 

Clock Render.png

the Process

The process for 3D Rendering will depend from project to project but the majority of jobs can be organised very easily. If you're starting with a 3D Scanned object that we have completed the 3D Rendering process can begin immediately. If a simple render with no additional objects or environments and readily available surface textures is required, we can have a result in less than an hour. 

If a 3D Rendering project is being started from scratch we will need as much information as possible to start from. This can be as simple as a photograph of the object with simple handwritten dimensions, or it can be with professional drafting images and blueprints. 

The desired filetype and quality of the 3D Render will vary the timeframe significantly. Starting with an existing 3D Scan, using a simple environment and textures, we can have a completed set of images within 24-48 hours. Please note that high quality, high resolution 3D Renders can take hours for a single image to be created as it requires enormous computing power to process. If a short animation or video is being produced at this level of detail it can take days to create the images required.

After the render is complete we can in some cases email the files or we can host the files on a temporary server for download depending on the file size. Otherwise we can arrange a USB flash drive with your files.

Please contact us below for a more accurate timeframe for you project or if you have any other questions about the process.


Pricing varies on many different variables but a rough guide is provided below:

  • Static image of an object with basic detail and geometry, for example a box or container, using standard textures with plain background: From $50

  • Static image of an object with high resolution textures and detailed environment, for example a stove top inside a kitchen: From $250

  • Detailed 3D Animation of a high quality textured object rotating in a detailed environment: From $500

Pricing excludes any additional resources that might be required for the final render, for example paid textures (should a suitable texture cannot be created from the original scan). For a more detailed quote please contact us below.

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